About: Crazy Stickman Escape

Crazy Stickman Escape is a puzzle background game, in which you control the two characters who are trying to get out of a facility they are being detained. The goal is to control the blue stick to collect blue key and then switch to a red stick to collect red key. It sounds easy? Not too fast. This facility is full of security guards, cameras, unmanned aircraft, lasers, acid barrels and other obstacles. On the way, you can also rescue other prisoners and unlock new costumes and interfaces to customize your character. In addition, there are many different accessories that you can get to keep the game interesting. Play lucky spins to make cash for free and for them


Here is a possible control guide for Crazy Stickman Escape:

  1. Arrow keys:

    Use the arrow keys to move the blue and red stickmen around the facility.

  2. Switch character:

    Press the space bar to switch between the blue and red stickmen.

  3. Collect keys:

    Move the stickmen to collect the blue and red keys.

  4. Avoid obstacles:

    Be careful to avoid security guards, cameras, unmanned aircraft, lasers, acid barrels, and other obstacles that may harm the stickmen.

  5. Rescue prisoners:

    Along the way, you can rescue other prisoners to unlock new costumes and interfaces.

  6. Use accessories:

    Collect different accessories to help you in the game.

  7. Spin the wheel:

    Play the lucky spin to earn cash and prizes.

Keep in mind that the exact controls may vary depending on the specific platform and version of the game you're playing, so be sure to check the game's instructions or tutorials for more information.

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