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About That's Not My Neighbor

"That's Not My Neighbor" a 2D horror odyssey that thrusts you into the uneasy shoes of a vigilant building guardian. Navigate the enigmatic corridors, where detection skills and astute deduction become the thin line between survival and falling prey to elusive impostors.

Gameplay of game:

Players will explore "That's Not My Neighbor" as they take on the role of a doorman through various residential inspection missions. Verify the tenant via ID, verify the apartment number and call to check. Impersonators are getting better at deceiving you, creating more burdens when you need to make decisions.

How to play That's Not My Neighbor Online

Step 1: Go to the website https://thatsnotmyneighbor.org/ via Desktop browser or Mobile Browser

Step 2: Click the Play Game button to wait for the game to download, please wait a bit because the game is quite heavy.

Step 3: Then enjoy That's Not My Neighbor and have the most interesting inferences.

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