About: That's Not My Neighbor - Horror Game 2024

About That's Not My Neighbor game

That's Not My Neighbor, a recent horror title released in February 2024, has captivated players with its unique blend of job simulation and unsettling mystery. The game places you in the role of a doorman tasked with identifying doppelgangers – perfect replicas of real people – attempting to infiltrate an apartment building. This essay explores games that, like That's Not My Neighbor utilize observation and a sense of unease to create a compelling horror experience.

To the core

That's Not My Neighbor taps into the fear of the unknown. We scrutinize seemingly mundane details - clothing, belongings, conversations - searching for inconsistencies that might reveal a sinister truth. This mechanic finds echoes in other horror games that rely on environmental storytelling and player deduction.

Other games are similar to That's Not My Neighbor games

Amnesia: The Dark Descent or soma: These titles offer players fragmented narratives, forcing them to piece together the story through environmental clues and scattered documents.

Papers, Please: Players take on the role of an immigration inspector in a fictional communist country, scrutinizing documents and making split-second decisions with potentially devastating consequences.

Visage: where players explore a haunted house

Martha is Dead: where a seemingly idyllic Italian village harbors a dark secret.

How to play the That's Not My Neighbor

Visit the website https://thatsnot-myneighbor.io/ to play for free

Click play to launch the game


The game utilizes a point-and-click mechanic. You interact with the doppelgangers by checking their appearance, belongings, and even their conversations with other tenants.

Game tips:

Look for Inconsistencies: Doppelgangers might not perfectly replicate their targets. Pay close attention to details in clothing, appearance, and even their knowledge of everyday routines.

Listen Closely: Dialogue can be a giveaway. Watch for inconsistencies in conversations or unusual phrasings that don't match the expected personality of the tenant.

Trust Your Gut: Sometimes, a sense of unease can be your best clue. If something feels off about a potential tenant, investigate further.


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