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Haunted School 2 is a horror game set ten years after the events in the first Haunted School. Return once more to the eerie abandoned school to perform another exorcism

A new evil has taken over the school: Ten years have passed since the last exorcism, and the school has been abandoned ever since. But now, a new force of darkness has taken up residence in the building, and it's even more malevolent than the entity you faced before. As a paranormal investigator, it's up to you to return to the school and perform another exorcism to banish this new threat.

The ghost of a former student is seeking revenge: After the events of the first game, you thought you had put the school's ghostly inhabitants to rest. But now, a new entity has emerged, and it's the vengeful spirit of a former student who died tragically on the school grounds. The ghost blames the living for its death and is determined to take revenge on anyone who enters the school.

The first exorcism failed: Despite your best efforts, the exorcism you performed ten years ago wasn't enough to fully banish the evil from the school. Now, you're being called back to finish the job once and for all. But as you return to the school, you discover that the entity you thought you had defeated has only grown stronger and more dangerous in your absence.

The school is a gateway to Hell: As you delve deeper into the mysteries of the haunted school, you begin to realize that it's not just a cursed building, but a portal to the underworld. The demons and spirits that haunt the school are only the beginning of the horrors that await you as you journey deeper into the depths of Hell itself.

These are just a few possible plot ideas for Haunted School 2. Ultimately, the direction the game takes will depend on the vision of the game designers and developers who create it.


The ghost is back - and she's older and more aggressive than before. Roam the corridors of this ravaged school in search of answers. Solve the puzzles so you can banish the demonic spirit before it's too late.

Early in the game, you'll find a cross that you can use to get rid of the spirit temporarily before it kills you. Haunted School gets progressively scarier and utilizes jump scares and tension to put you on the edge of your seat. The vibe is similar to other famous survival horror games. Prepare for jump scares, expect unforgiving frights, and survive the horrors!

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