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Color Rope Matching is a puzzle game where you need to match the color of the ropes to the color of the ball. Colorful wire for you, connecting holes of the same color as your wire. Easy to play but hard to be a master. Can you solve all the ropes?


Here is a possible control guide for the game:

  1. Tap and hold:

    Tap and hold on the screen to grab the rope.

  2. Release:

    Release your finger to drop the rope.

  3. Match color:

    Match the color of the rope to the color of the ball by dragging and dropping the rope.

  4. Cut rope:

    You can cut the rope by tapping on it.

  5. Power-ups:

    Power-ups such as bombs and magnets can be collected and used to help you complete the levels.

  6. Obstacles:

    Avoid obstacles such as spikes and fire by maneuvering the ropes around them.

  7. Goal:

    The goal of each level is to match all the colored balls with their respective colored ropes.

Keep in mind that the exact controls may vary depending on the specific platform and version of the game you're playing, so be sure to check the game's instructions or tutorials for more information.

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